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Monthly e-Newsletter

January  2015


Hi, Kevin S. Clark here...thanks for being on my email list.

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How do we know each other? For 25+ years I've been in the Hard Money for real estate investors and business financing industry.

We have met somewhere over the years. Maybe at mortgage convention, business trade shows or one of the many business networking groups that I attend.

For over two decades I've helped fund many RE Professional's from the following groups:

Real Estate Investor's from Kyle Jasey's Flippers & Funders, Hugh Zaretsky's Renatus Team,  Aaron Fragnito's Peoples Capital Group, Jon Steingraber's NJRESN, Glen Gallucci, Nick Tang, Joe Lawrence, Robert Allen REI Training, Carleton Sheets,Trump University,  Certified Cash Flow Consultants (CCFC's), and other REI Groups.  

I’ve done deals with/for:

Mortgage Bankers/Brokers, Real Estate Agents (I’m a NJ Real Estate Agent myself), Entrepreneurs, Members of the Hard Money Network on LinkedIn
and other Internet social networking groups.

Or, we may have met at: groups in New Jersey and New York, Ted Fattoross's Networking Events, "Howard Chernin's Business Networking Group" and other business networking.

In this monthly e-newsletter, I provide information about the Commercial "Hard Money" lending niche of the mortgage business, business funding products and topics and opportunities. 

My specialty is "commercial hard money" for professional real estate investors who focus on "Fix and Flip" residential or commercial properties. (I do not fund Owner Occupied Single Family Residential)

We also offer conventional commercial mortgage financing (Small Business Administration-SBA) and business funding. You will read about these financing programs below.

This e-newsletter is mainly for commercial mortgage professionals, RE Investors and business funding consultants.

As a professional, knowledge and information of how to get funding for your client's business need is more important than ever. If you're looking to expand or add on other products to your current business, I'm sure you'll find this e-newsletter useful and informative. 

This month's e-newsletter is ready. So, let's get started………


Special Announcement!!!!!!!!!!!

The Anthony Robbins Foundation brings you:

Step Up 2015: Progressive Steps to Business Funding

Join my good friend Tene Williams and her special guest, Ajay Gupta, tomorrow, Saturday, January 26th

 for her  “Step Up 2015” Webinar.

Tene is a top entrepreneur and business funding specialist and Ajay is a Tony Robbins Foundation Senior Peak Performance Strategist.

Go here now for more info:


Attention RE Investors: Need funding for your next "buy, fix and flip"?

We are assoictaed with a private, direct, source of funds with millions of $$’s to fund real estate investors. (No Owner Occupied Residential)

who specialized in “Buy, fix and flip’s” of residential and small commercial real estate.

Here is just a few of the highlights of the company:

  • Funding areas: NJ / NY/ Eastern PA / CT/ MA / RI / Northern VA/Wash DC/Maryland
  • Loans from $75,000 to $1 million
  • These are RE Investor loans, no owner occupied.
  • Fast, 5 day closings possible
  • POF letter available
  • 1 year loan, no prepayment penalty
  • Broker protected

Contact me directly to discuss your next deal; 201-723-0550

Email me:

Visit our website for a complete overview of our program:

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Foreclosures up in New Jersey?

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Attention Mortgage company owners:

As we all know too well financial regulation has dramatically driven up the need for reserve capital for all financial companies. This has lead to very costly capital raises and the need to accept partners

who may bring capital, but little else. 

We are partnering with a merchant banking company who has developed a preferred equity investment program that can greatly increase the net earnings of financial company owners and executives

by bringing cost of capital under control. Capital is available for growth, acquisition and partner buy-outs. 

If you'd like a completely confidential call with one of their managing partners call me right now: 201-723-0550 or email me so I can arrange a conference call to discuss:


Alternative funding program for REI's and Small Businesses (not a lien or mortgage)!!

We have funded 77 clients with this program since 2012!!

This has become one of the fastest growing business finance programs!!  It keeps getting better for our business clients!

Need Funds for your business? Fast funds up to $200K. It’s not a mortgage or lien on the property. It's not factoring or merchant credit card advances. It’s a signature loan based on personal & 
corporate credit.

It’s a very simple process, just fill out the form 

Provide your contact info; our underwriter, Kelly or Jeff, will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the program and explain the details.

Here's what one of our clients said about this program: 

Hi Kevin, THANKS a million for referring me to this program. They are making available to me $20K at good terms for my business venture.

Truly incredible and more people should be made aware of this program since the SBA & bank commercial loans-Forget about it!

Sure am glad I got to know you or I would never know about this access to critical financing that will make my dream come true. Thanks again!

 D.D., NJ

Attention: You too can be a Business Funding Agent for this program, read on;

Simply sign up as an agent yourself. This is a great way to help businesses that need cash as we help restore American one business loan at a time.

Go to:  (115 agents have joined me on this program since 2012!)

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Did you know about "The Great Martian War" of 1914

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What to save money on your electric and gas cost?

I've been saving money for months now, you can too, go to:

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Commercial Hard-Money for Deals:

Hard Money Funding sources are returning to the market. I have new sources of funding available now for commercial properties and businesses that do not qualify 

We arrange funding from $250k up to $50 million for non-conforming commercial real estate loans nationwide. Funding is available internationally as well. LTV’s are right around 40% to 50% 
for non-cash-flowing properties. We may be able to offer up to 65% if the property is cash-flowing. Gone are the 100% LTV deals. Don’t even ask!!

If you have a commercial loan request you would like us to review, email me and I will email my Commercail EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW form to you to fill 
out and return to me with deal info. 



Have Corporate Credit? Need it?

We have a lender that is offering a Single Business Line of Credit for up to $75,000. This is unsecured, no-doc, no tax returns, completely "Stated".

We have a few approvals so far ($25k and $50k). Your business needs to be at least 2 years old. Fill out our Questionnaire (takes less than 1 minute): 

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Have "Legal" problems/situations?

Even a speeding ticket can be costly. I found a great service that I use myself. It has saved my family money on legal cost. (ya'know, stuff happends)

Its legal insurance offered by Legal Shield.

Don’t you think having an attorney available to you to speak with for less than $25 a month is a fair price?

If so, than you need to check this out:  

(copy & paste above link into browser)

If you want to know more about this service call me to discuss: 201-723-0550



For over 15 years thousands of people became Certified Cash Flow Consultants (CCFC) by the American Cash Flow Association (ACFA) from Orlando, Florida. 

I was one of the instructors for the ACFA 

If you are a graduate join our new group on FB.

Its a new virtual venue for us to connect. Tell your fellow CCFC's!!

Go to FB, search for American Cash Flow Association  

You can "friend" me on FB as well.

Go to:


INTERNATIONAL funding opportunties/deals WANTED:

We have financing available for Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South Pacific and Israel

All financing is available for most credit types. Financing offers are based on valuation as opposed to credit worthiness in most cases. 

The financing is provided by private lending sources which includes; Hedge Funds, Private Commercial Real Estate Financing Companies and Private Qualified Investors.

If you have an International funding oppertunity email me a summary:


Join our Hard Money Network on LinkedIn, it’s the largest group for our hard money niche;

Go to:

At LinkedIn search for "Hard Money Network"

Join me:





I will be bringing you many more opportunities and information. If you have a product you’d like me to mention in my newsletter email me or call me to discuss.

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While beneficial to a wide audience, this information is also commercial in nature and it may contain advertising materials.

Suggestions or comments are welcomed.

Feel free to forward this email to friends and associates.


Kevin S Clark
48 Bi State Plaza, # 177
Old Tappan, NJ 07675




WE DO NOT FUND Owner Occupied 1 TO 6 FAMILY residences IN NEW JERSEY or any other State in the United States                     


Legal Disclaimer: Clark Capital Group, LLC is not a licensed securities dealer/broker, mortgage broker/banker, or attorney. This is neither a solicitation of investment nor an offer to sell and or buy securities.
Clark Capital Group, LLC does NOT offer legal or accounting advice. Clark Capital Group, LLC is a business consulting firm and an intermediary that provide business consultation for commercial client. We DO NOT
Fund residential mortgage loans.

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