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Monthly Newsletter

February 2017

Published monthly since 2008, to over 4000
nationwide subscribers.

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For 25+ years I've been in the Hard Money lending for real estate investors and the business financing industry. We have met somewhere over the years. Maybe at mortgage conventions, business trade shows, or one of the many business and/or real estate networking groups that I attend regularly. In this monthly e-newsletter, I provide information about the Commercial "Hard Money" lending for real estate Investors, business funding products, topics and opportunities.

My specialty is "commercial hard money" for professional real estate investors who focus on "Fix and Flip" residential or commercial properties.

(I do not fund Owner Occupied Residential Properties)

We also offer conventional commercial mortgage financing (Small Business Administration-SBA) and business funding. You will read about these financing programs below.

This e-newsletter is mainly for commercial mortgage professionals, RE Investors, and business funding consultants.

Knowledge and information of how to get funding for your fix and flip, commercial real estate project or business is crucial today., therefore I'm sure you'll find this e-newsletter useful and informative.

So, let's get started...

Need funding for your next "buy, fix and flip"?

We are associated with private, direct, national source of funds with millions of $$’s to fund real estate investors. (We DO NOT fund Owner Occupied Residential) who specialized in “Buy, fix and flip’s” of residential and small commercial real estate. This group has funded over $100 million in business loans to RE investors.

Here are just a few of the highlights of the company:

• Loans from $75,000 to $2 million
• These are RE Investor/Business loans, no owner occupied only.
• Fast, closings possible
• POF letter available
• 1 year loan, no prepayment penalty

Contact me directly to discuss your next deal; 201-723-0550 or email me and in the subject line put Fix and Flip funding docs wanted.

Email me here:



Alternative Funding Program:

Great for Real Estate Investor's (great for down payment funds)
and Small Businesses (this "line of credit" is not a lien or mortgage)!!

This has become one of the fastest growing business finance programs!! It keeps getting better for our clients!

Need funds for your business or fix and flip activities? Fast funds up to $250,000.
It’s not a mortgage or lien on the property. It's not factoring or merchant credit card advances.

It’s a signature loan based on personal & corporate credit.
Use these funds for advertising, emergency, equipment, improvement/expansion, inventory, and other business needs.

It’s a very simple process, just go to: www.HardMoney.Money

This will take you to the “Pre-Approval Form”. Watch the video.
Provide your contact info and Bailey, one of the top underwriters,
will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the program
and explain the details.


Hard Money/Business Financing Hybrid loan program:
I call it Hard Money Business Loans!
• This funder provides financing options for small to
midsized companies that may not qualify for bank financing
• Financing is available much faster than traditional loans and
typically require a fraction of the paperwork
• Funds provided are based on a percentage of your
company’s past 6 months revenue

To see how much you qualify for, email me a summary of what you need:

Email me



Need an LLC for your business, click here"

Incorporate or Form an LLC in minutes.


Commercial Hard Money for Deals:

Hard Money Funding available! I have new sources of funding
(private and hedge funds) available for commercial properties and businesses
that do not qualify for traditional financing.

We arrange funding from $250k up to $50 million for non-conforming commercial real estate loans Nationwide. Funding is available Internationally as well.

LTV’s are right around 50% to 70% for non-cash-flowing properties.
We may be able to offer up to 80% if the property is cash-flowing.

If you have a commercial loan request you would like us to review, email me a request for our COMMERCIAL EXECUTIVE/INTAKE SUMMARY FORM.
Fill it out and email back to me for my review.

Email me here:

< > WE DO NOT FUND Owner Occupied 1 TO 6 FAMILY

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