Leverage the power of Hard Money Financing to get the funding you need to move quickly & capitalize a profitable real estate deal!

Finally, a Hard Money lending expert shows you what you need to know to borrow Hard Money. Your first impression is important, don’t lose the opportunity to get it right. And, you documentation better be in order too.

Have you recently been declined mortgage funding for real estate investments by your bank or other Hard Money lender due to credit issues, high debt-to-income ratio or income documentation problems? Think there’s no way for you to get the funding you need to continue investing in real estate? Think again.

Borrowing Hard Money For Real Estate InvestorsMy E-Book, “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors“, is a “no-fluff” 27- page guide that will show you exactly how and where to find the financing you need to be successful, even if you don’t fit the cookie cutter qualifications that many traditional lenders require.

There’s no question that today’s real estate market is literally bursting at the seams with opportunities for real estate investors. Millions of foreclosures coupled with dropping property values have presented a historic opportunity for funded investors to acquire real estate with minimal investment.

However, for those real estate investors without the funding they need to move quickly on the right deals, these market conditions represent little advantage. Simply put; if you can’t get the MONEY you need to fund your deals, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to vastly increase your wealth from real estate investments. My E-Book will show you everything you need to know to avoid the costly mistake of losing out on these historic real estate investment opportunities with the help of hard money lenders.

Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors” is packed with powerful, little-known tips for succeeding in today’s real estate market by using non-conforming lending products known as hard money mortgages. With years of experience as a hard money lender, I can show you exactly how to get the financing you need, exactly when you need it.

Here’s What You’ll Find in:

“Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”:

  • An Easy-to-Understand Explanation of Hard Money Lending by Kevin S Clark, a 25 Year Expert in the Real Estate & Hard Money lending field.
  • Sound Advice on Where to Find “under the radar” Hard Money Lenders Who Want to Give You Money (with the click of a mouse).
  • 7 Solid Techniques to Making a Real Estate Deal with Hard Money Financing.Borrowing Hard Money For Real Estate Investors
  • A Step-by-Step, Detailed Guide to Creating a Proposal for Your Lender.
  • The Biggest Myths of Hard Money Lending…What Others Won’t Tell You!
  • Special Techniques for Securing Funding for Flip, Short Sale, Pre-Foreclosure, Wholesale, Auction, and Real Estate Owned Properties.
  • The Honest Truth on the Pros and Cons of Hard Money Loans.

About the Author:

My name is Kevin S. Clark, a.k.a. “Mr. Hard Money”, and I’ve spent more than 25 years in the hard money lending market, originating billions of dollars in loans in non-conforming (hard money) loans for real estate investors like you. I’ve compiled all my experiences and everything I’ve learned in my information-packed, easy-to-understand guide, titled “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”.

What 25 Years in the Lending Business Have Taught Me:Kevin Clark

The very best, most profitable deals in the real estate market are secured by investors who know exactly where to quickly get funding when they need it, regardless of their financial situation. Funding is fuel in the real estate world, and without it, you won’t go anywhere. I’ve seen many a real estate investor fail, simply because they ran out of “fuel”.

But, Here’s What Most People Don’t Realize:

Hard Money Lenders Want to Loan Cash for Real Estate!

It’s true. There are hard money lenders out there; that’s what they do, they lend money secured by real estate at a higher interest rate than conventional sources. The hard money lending market is a billion-dollar industry for plenty of deep-pocketed investors. These savvy professionals demand more than the mediocre returns associated with the traditional lending market, and they achieve this goal by providing short term, higher interest loans to investors who don’t fit the stringent requirements of mainstream lending institutions. And, they’re continuously searching for investment opportunities with real estate investors like you.

Get “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors” for Just $47!

Beat The Credit Crunch!

Even if you’ve been turned down by dozens of other lenders, you may still find the funding you need for your real estate deal with hard money mortgage lenders. They key is knowing where to find them, how to approach them, and how to present them with absolutely irresistible, collateralized, SAFE deals.

With “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”, you’ll learn:

  • How to Find a Hard Money Lender.
  • How to Impress Your Lender with an Airtight Proposal.
  • How to Appear As a Pro…Even if You’re Just Getting Started.
  • How A Lender Can Be Just the Silent Partner You’re Looking For
  • Which Lenders to Avoid.
  • How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Real Estate Investors.
  • How Hard Money Financing Can Actually Help You MAKE MORE in the long run.
  • Page after Page of Valuable, Common Sense Advice Based on My Own, Firsthand Experiences in Hard Money Lending.

Ready to get your Real Estate Investments to the Next Level?

Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching other real estate investors rake in the profits from real estate deals in your neighborhood? Sick of spinning your wheels, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get the financing you need to be successful? Then you simply must read my training manual “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”.

For a one-time investment of just $47, you’ll learn what you need to know about how to use hard money lending to your advantage, and FINALLY take your real estate investment career to where you always knew it could be.

Here’s What Others Have to Say about:

“Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”:

“As a real estate attorney and accomplished real estate investor for over 17 years, I never understood how and when to use hard money to expand my real estate portfolio. After reading this publication on hard money lending, I have gained an in-depth knowledge of how and when to use hard money to my advantage. Thanks to Kevin Clark, I am now in a position to not only expanding my real estate holdings, but to advise my clients on how they can use hard money in order to expand their portfolios as well. I would highly recommend this publication to anyone interested in expanding their real estate holdings. I found this book to be easy to read and understand. It is a hands-on guide to hard money lending which provides the reader with practical knowledge that they can begin using immediately to expand their real estate holdings. I wish to thank Kevin Clark for providing me with the knowledge and expertise to take my real estate business to the next level.”
– William M, Esq., Northern NJ

“I’ve purchased at least 5 E-Books on real estate investing, and none of them even come close to providing the kind of practical and useful advice in yours. Thanks!”
– Jason K

“After my divorce, my credit score dropped, and I couldn’t get the loans I needed for my flipping projects. Your book showed me exactly how to find the financing for my last rehab.”
-Scott H

“I’m just found my first investment property. The easy steps in Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors helped me put together the best proposal for a pre-foreclosure situation. I have appointments with 2 lenders next week!”
-Amy V

“I am much more informed and educated after reading Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”.
-Will M, RE Investor/NYC School Teacher

“I personally urge you to purchase this book that will enlighten your understanding about Hard Money.
-Jermaine B, RE Investor, Bronx, NY

Is your Real Estate investment business worth $47?

That’s a question only you can answer, but I do know this: If you haven’t considered hard money financing for your real estate investments, you’re missing out on an important tool…one that could be exactly what you need to keep your career AND your profits moving in the right direction.

I’ve compiled my entire career’s worth of valuable information for you to benefit from “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors”, you will learn how to use hard money loans to take advantage of the historic investment opportunities in today’s real estate market. My book contains everything you need to know to jumpstart your real estate investment career with using hard money financing. And, with our instant download delivery system, you can get started right now!

Special Bonus for Buyers:

We appreciate our customers! If you purchase “Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors” you will be one of  the first to receive registration information for Kevin’s limited space, by invitation only, real estate investors’ training club  Classes are being held now in New York City.


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