What is Hard Money?

Hard [hahrd] Mon-ey [muhn-ee], The term commonly used to describe non-bank / non-conventional financing. “Hard Money” is traditionally used for troubled or opportunistic commercial real estate and businesses who do not qualify for conventional (Bank) financing.

What is Hard Money Central?

Clark Capital Group, LLC, owner of www.HardMoneyCentral.com, is a marketing, training and business consulting company specializing in commercial hard money funding and business funding. We have been asked by our commercial hard money lending and business funders to find them commercial funding opportunities. We specialize in providing hard money or unconventional lenders/funding sources with funding opportunities.

How can Clark Capital Group, LLC help you?

Clark Capital Group, LLC is a consultant firm to Real Estate Investors, Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers and direct clients who desire commercial financing such as hard money or un-conventional business financing. We specialize in non-conforming, non-bankable, troubled, or opportunistic commercial mortgage and business financing when conventional financing is not an option.

We have an extensive network of Hard Money or un-conventional lenders/funders who finance “Non-Conforming” commercial hard money  loan opportunities. Our Commercial Hard Money Loans are made to fit the needs of a variety of clients.

Additionally, Clark Capital Group, LLC provides business & financing consulting and training. We guide and advise our clients through this complicated process.

Because of our business financing expertise we have developed a conventional commercial funding platform. Click the above tab “Specialty Funding Programs” to see our menu of conventional products. Click that tab and you will see out latest BLOC (Business Line of Credit) program . This is a highly desirable program for small businesses. Additionally, we offer conventional financing such as SBA loans and other conventional commercial Bank financing.

Browse our web site for the most up-to-date Commercial Hard Money mortgage financing, Conventional Business Financing and real estate investor funding programs.

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We DO NOT fund owner occupied residential properties.

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