Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors

What is Hard Money?

Hard [hahrd] Mon-ey [muhn-ee], The term commonly used to describe non-bank / non-conventional financing. “Hard Money” is traditionally used for troubled or opportunistic real estate investors (Fix & Flipper’s or Commercial Real Estate owners) and or businesses who do not qualify for conventional (Bank) financing.

What is Hard Money Central?

Clark Capital Group, LLC, owner of www.HardMoneyCentral.com, is a marketing, training, and business consulting company specializing in commercial hard money funding and business funding. We have been asked by our commercial hard money lending and business funders to find them commercial funding opportunities. We specialize in providing hard money or unconventional lenders/funding sources with funding opportunities.

Real Estate Lending For Investors

Fix & Flip Lending

Ten business days average time to close (quickest loan closed in 4 days)
Loan sizes $75,000 – $5,000,000
Initial loan-to-cost; 80% to 90% of purchase, up to 60% to 65% of ARV.
Loan term 12 months interest only, no pre-payment penalty
Interest rates = 10% to 14%
Points = 3% to 4%
Loans are made to LLC’s or corporations only

Commercial Hard Money Lending

Loan amounts from $250,000 to $20,000,000 (Purchase/Refinance)
Owner occupied and investment real estate considered
Conventional and SBA options available up to 90% LTV
Nationwide lending program: urban, suburban or cities of 50,000
No balloon payments and terms range from 20 to 30 years
No lock-outs from prepayment
Quick closings & flexible underwriting
Construction and rehab available owner occupied purchase and refinance
Qualified property types include:
*office,retail and industrial (including condominium)
$500K minimum, nationwide and some areas Internationally.

Learn How To Use
Hard Money
For Real Estate Investing

Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors eBook

"Borrowing Hard Money for Real Estate Investors" is packed with powerful, little-known tips for succeeding in today’s real estate market by using non-conforming lending products known as hard money mortgages. With years of experience as a hard money lender, I can show you exactly how to get the financing you need, exactly when you need it.

Borrowing Hard Money For Real Estate Investors

Hard Money Training for Mortgage Brokers eBook

The definitive "Commercial Hard Money Loan Officer Training Manual" with fully updated material on the latest marketing techniques and strategies.

Hard Money Commercial Mortgage Broker Training eBook Manual

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